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Bat Removal Company

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Our service areas have expanded, we now serve Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky when you contact our office for our bat removal company; our expert wildlife technicians will be there to provide you a whole-home solution at a fair cost. General bat exclusions and bat removal services. We comply with all DNR rules and regulations in dealing with bat removal. Bats are federally protected animals.

Squirrel Removal Services

Pestway offers complete solutions for squirrel removal and trapping; and animal damage repair. If you hear scratching or chewing in your walls, chances are you have squirrel chewing on wires and that can lead to house fires. If you have any wildlife removal questions, contact Pestway today.

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Pestway has been serving home and business owners since 2006 all with an industry leading lifetime* warranty.

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It’s raccoon season and with raccoons creating entry into your home or business to have their babies. It can get expensive if not handled early in the process. If you hear noise or scratching in your attic and think you may have a raccoon problem, call Pestway today.

  • Humans, cats, and dogs can all catch Roundworm; which raccoons carry and pass through their feces and droppings.
  • Raccoons carry canine distemper which is usually fatal in unvaccinated dogs.

Bat Removal Services

General Bat Removal

We provide a wide range of bat removal services, from a whole home bat exclusion with a “Chew Proof” solution and a industry leading lifetime* warranty on all our work. Pestway uses the best bat removal products in the industry.


Wildlife Removal Company

We provide High
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From homeowner to business owner, we offer squirrel removal services, raccoon removal services, mice / rat removal including full home seal ups for the purpose of excluding squirrels, raccoons, and mice from your home or place of business.

The Significance Of Choosing Professional Wildlife Removal Services

Small animals may look harmless. However, they still find it better living in the big green than in your attics. Bats, raccoons, and squirrels are a few examples of such animals. More often than not, these animals tend to look for a quiet corner on your property to hide from predators outside. But they make their space by chewing or scraping through almost all sorts of material. Not only does this cause damage to property, but it also leads to infestations with their friends.

Worse still, they can be the carriers of viruses fatal to humans. It’s worth noting that an infection won’t stop in the attic; when the pests become hungry, they’ll start infesting your kitchen and other household parts. It’s also inadvisable and problematic to kill such invaders using poison. You can’t easily find them once dead and will spread a drastic smell, which may lead to various diseases even after being dead.


Hiring professional wildlife removal services will help you to eliminate the pest and get the critters back to their natural habitat. Ultimately, this will allow them to live in their natural environment and keep off from human populating areas.

Getting rid of such small animals is a more difficult job than it appears. To understand the significance of considering wildlife removal services, some reasons are listed below:

You’ll certainly come across wild animals at a particular point, irrespective of whether you live in a small town or a big city. Did you recently discover a pest problem in your house? There are several options you can choose from.

Some people seek professional assistance to fix the issue, while others take the DIY approach to resolve the problem. That said, professional wildlife removal services offer numerous benefits:


Safety is always vital! When you’re handling a wild animal, you can’t tell how aggressive it’ll be and what kind of illnesses it may carry. If left untreated, a wild animal scratch or bite can be deadly. Avoid taking this risk! Keep you and your family safe by recruiting a professional wildlife removal company.

A Professional Will Have the Right Tools & Expertise for the Job

You most likely have no experience on how to properly set up and bait a large-game trap. Are you certain in your ability to determine what kind of animal you’re looking for based on its footprints, droppings, or the sort of damage it causes in its path? Can you name all entry points in your home, regardless of their size?

In general, someone with experience working with wild animal infestations should be aware of this information. If you hire an expert, you’ll also be paying for their many years of training and professionalism in that field. The professional will also have access to technologies (non-toxic bait, catch-poles, expert traps, etc.) that most people don’t have in their garage. Generally speaking, these are just some of the benefits that working with a specialist in any field can offer.

A professional can remove animals with little risk to the homeowner and house, as well as with minimal risk to the animals. If an issue with wild animals arises at your property, you’re probably not prepared for handling it. And if possible, larger creatures need to be captured and then set free instead of being killed immediately after they’re discovered.

They’re Aware of Animal Removal Laws & Abide by Them

In most nations, certain laws and guidelines are governing wide life. That means if any person abuses the law, then that individual will be charged guilty. A professional animal control organization is much acquainted with such laws.

So, you should never carry out creature evacuation without being aware of the specified laws regarding this. An expert wildlife removal service ought to employ people who know and understand such laws. They should also be well-trained in removing wild animals without breaching the laws and regulations that may be in place.

They Always Repair Damaged Structures

Generally, an animal infestation may cause substantial damage based on the level of infestation.

Still, you’ll be required to get rid of the creature and fix the harm. Contracting a specialist creature control organization enables you to have the damage fixed and simultaneously get the animal removed.

Save Time

A wild animal trapping specialist will search and remove the wild animal safely. Bats, raccoons, and squirrels can be found anywhere. This could be inside homes seeking food storage areas, along with public property like streets and sidewalks, and beneath decks looking for shelter from storms. Although these animals might look cute at first glance, their curiosity is only equaled by their strength.

If you notice something puzzling outside your home, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. Remember, these creatures carry illnesses like the plague that might easily spread fast among humans if not handled promptly (and correctly).

Ensure Humane Removal of Animals

Apart from removing the wild animals from your property, a professional wildlife removal service will also safely release them to their natural habitat. Expert trappers routinely inspect their traps for victims who might be trapped in these life-threatening contraptions. And, if no rehabilitation is required, they release the victims before moving them on. On the other hand, DIY traps could seriously harm or even kill an animal.

Fix Current Issues Before They Worsen

For example, squirrels and raccoons build their nests in spots that are tricky to access. And a mother nursing her young one could be accidentally captured during mating season. Some examples of symptoms include discomfort, pain/ suffering, or even death for her baby. Expert wildlife removal services will know exactly how to check out for the signs which ensure that every animal in that home is safe.

Besides being clever and devious animals, these wild invaders are cunning and deceptive. Even the smallest holes, crevices, or cracks in your house are accessible to them. Removal of wild animals demands the expertise of animal trapping specialists who know what to look for to establish the points of entry and ultimately block them to curb future complications.

Cleanliness Is Vital!

As previously stated, you must ensure your home’s safety when you contract the services of an animal removal company. The same applies to cleanliness! Rabies and other illnesses are found in the feces and saliva of many animal species, such as bats and raccoons. That means if you don’t apply the right cleaning instruments, you might get ill or someone in your family might become sick.


Not only are reliable wildlife removal services renowned for a long-lasting approach to eradicating wildlife, but also for educating homeowners on ways to make their properties wildlife free. Ultimately, the hiring process should be based on the reliability and effectiveness of the remover. And that leads us to the next point.

Assured Results

While implementing expert techniques in wildlife removal, a wildlife remover assures the eradication of the pests from your property and also sanitizes that area to prevent the animal from returning. And before doing all this, they offer you an estimate of the expenditure of the entire process so that they can also evaluate its viability.

Several preventive measures that are needed to inhibit an infestation are also taken by the specialist, as well as by the residents. It is the customer’s prerogative to employ an experienced wildlife remover/ service to ensure quality work is delivered.


Unlike skilled and trained workers, unskilled and unprofessional employees tend to incur more substantial amounts of money. Costs are predictable when an expert is hired because of adequate experience, as well as the ability to foresee exactly what is needed in any given situation. As such, it would be best to hire an expert wildlife remover to obtain the desired outcome at an equally desirable cost.

Feel At Peace About How the Wildlife Is Handled

Well, this point encompasses some of the previously mentioned points. You might be worried about how the animals will be handled when being removed from your premises. You may not feel okay about the idea of poisoning/ killing wildlife on your property, or you could be concerned about whether or not utilizing a trap will be humane.

When picking an expert wildlife removal firm, you could inquire about whether or not their service applies humane methods for dealing with wildlife. It will allow you to pick a service that you’ll trust to deal with the wildlife humanely. This will likely help you feel much better about the situation.

Bottom Line

Wildlife Removal is a strenuous process that demands the skill to remove a wild animal from the premises and get it back to nature. Undoubtedly, this calls for unmatched expertise.

A professional wildlife removal service offers satisfying services. It also ensures to follow all the necessary precautions to protect both animal and human life. Hire an experienced animal removal specialist today to humanely and safely remove the pest from your home and release them to nature after appropriate sanitization and nurturing. If you are needing wildlife removal from your home please contact us here

Frequently asked questions about wildlife removal

Removing a dead animal from your home starts at $299 and goes up, depending on accessibility. You’ll pay extra to have drywall patched up to seal up nests and entryways. If the dead animal is in a crawlspace, attic, or other accessible areas, you’ll likely pass less

While it is best to hire a professional wildlife removal company. You could try and use ammonia-soaked rags to lure them out. Most large animals are repelled by the scent of ammonia, so these will discourage them from coming back into the crawl space. You can place them in the crawl space entrance and/or around the walls. Scatter mothballs around the floor of your crawl space

Since bat pesticides and bat extermination are illegal, pest control companies use a process called exclusion. Exclusion is designed to seal the primary exits that bats use with one-way doors. This allows the bats to leave safely without permitting them to return. If you hear scratching in your walls, you need to hire trained wildlife removal specialists.

Squirrels can do a lot of unexpected damage to attic spaces in your home. They chew through electrical wires, water lines made of PVC, and your personal belongings. It’s important to seal the gaps in your home that allow squirrels to enter your attic.

  1. Contact a Wildlife Removal Service. …
  2. Keep Everyone in Your Home Away From the Attic. …
  3. Thoroughly Clean Your Attic After Wildlife Removal. …
  4. Perform Annual Attic Inspections. …
  5. Seal Up Entry Points. …
  6. Rats. …
  7. Squirrels. …
  8. Raccoons.

Squirrels can peel up your roof shingles and chew through your roof decking. They may tear holes in your roof soffit or fascia, damage your gutters, and then enter your home and wreak havoc

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